Getting Started

Where's the paper? In order to increase effeciency and decrease cost Salkehatchie has moved online. Instead of paper forms you will create an account, sign in, and complete the forms online.

Do I have to do it all at once? Not at all! You can sign in anytime to work on your application. However just like paper forms the sooner you get them in the more likely you are to get your desired camp.

Uploading Insurance Card Either use your phone, camera, or scanner to obtain a photo of your insurance card. Be sure to set your scanner to: "scan to image" if available. Be sure to crop your photo so the numbers are visible.

Link Payments If you've made a payment and the camp name and year is not displayed beside it, then you have not linked the payment to the camp. This is easily resolved. Click on the payment, click "Set Camp", and click on the camp you are paying for.